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The Aldine - 1871 to 1879
American Art Illustrated - 1886
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Chelsea Gallery Guide


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various web sites


New York Public Library
New York Historical Society
NY Department of State; Divisions of Corporations, State Records & UCC
The Lower East Side BID; Katie Archer


Field work
Artist Resumes
Galleries of New York
Galleries of New York is a compilation of commercial, non-profit and artist-run galleries, auction houses, fine art institutions and alternative art spaces that have evolved over the past two centuries in New York City, recording the migration of the galleries of New York throughout the city and the decades.

Total Galleries of New York, 1800 to the present : 0
Total Galleries of New York That Are Open Now : 0
Total art dealers (unique principal owners and collaborators) : 0
Average number of years all galleries have been in operation : 25.74 Years
Average years in operation 1800 - 1900 : 37.2 Years
Average years in operation 1900 - 2000 : 14.3 Years
Average years in the same location : 15.7 years
Last Updated : 13 September 2018
SEARCH ALL, returns all galleries in New York. The yellow area graph dynamically updates as entries are made, with gallery counts visible on roll-over.

SEARCH By District, returns results for individual gallery districts. Those in the list that are marked with a ~ (tilden) indicate defunct districts, having fewer than three open galleries.

SEARCH By Years, returns results for galleries extant during the selected time period.

The yellow area graphs on all search result pages show gallery activity, or the total number of galleries that were open in that district during the year. This includes newly opened galleries; galleries that were open all year; galleries that were open but closed; galleries that were open, closed, and opened a new location within that district; and galleries that rebranded, taking on a new partner and changing their program.

The blue bar graphs above show the total number of physical galleries that have been open or are are open now, within a given district, with gallery counts visible on roll-over.

All yellow area graphs reset on January 1st to show physical galleries open at the beginning of the year, matching the blue bar graphs. As the year progresses, galleries will open, close, and move around, which is indicated by the growth or contraction of the area graphs in the current year.